Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my letter jacket?

If your school awards you with a letter jacket, your letter and insert is included. You are responsible for all other patches.

If your school does not provide you with a letter jacket, then you are responsible for the letter jacket and all patches.

How and when do I order my letter jacket and patches?

To order your letter jacket you must return the order form from your Tyler Jacket Shop packet on Order Day. Full payment for extra patches is due on Order Day. The Order Day, time and place will be announced by your sponsor. On that date, you will be measured and turn in your order and payment.

Should I order patches now?

Yes. If you order now, the patches will be sewn on when you receive your jacket and all the patches will be color coordinated by us to match your jacket and letter.

How will I know my jacket size?

Sizing will be done by a Graduate Sales Representative at your school. You will get to try on an actual jacket on Order Day to get the feel of the size. You will confirm your choice of size at that time.

What Lettering can I put inside my patch?

You can put any lettering you want inside any patch, it is completely up to you. When you buy the patch, it includes any lettering you want inside. Almost every patch is completely customizable in regards to lettering.

How do I pay?

You may pay with a check, money order, cash or any of the four major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express). You must Pay in Full on Order Day.

How do I know if Tyler Jacket Shop sells at my school?

If you don’t know whether Tyler Jacket Shop sells letter jackets and patches at your school, you can contact our office to find out.

Will patches come in my school colors?

Yes, all of your patches will be made in school colors.

How long will it take to receive the jacket?

Jackets take approximately 6 weeks to come in. If you order your jacket in April or May, those jackets are usually delivered to the school right before school starts the next school year.

Can I add patches later?

Yes, our office is open year-round. You simply drop off your jacket and place your patch order. Then we will make your new patches and sew them on. Usually, it takes about 2 weeks or less to complete a new patch order.

Can I send loose patches that my student has earned to get sewn on their jacket?

Yes, if you have loose patches that you want to be sewn on your jacket, simply bring them on order day in a zip-lock bag. We charge $7 per patch and we will sew those patches on before your jacket is delivered to the school.

Can I order custom patches?

Yes, if you have a custom order or color request, please see the rep on order day about this. He can let you know if your request is available.

Are different types of sleeves available?

Yes, in most cases the Jacket will come with vinyl sleeves. We have both Leather sleeves ($75 extra) and Wool sleeves ($15 extra) available if you want a material besides vinyl. If you want to order a different type of sleeve material please see the rep on order day.

Can anyone order a “Sailor Collar” on their jacket?

Yes, anyone may order a Sailor Collar on their jacket for an additional $20. You do not need permission from the school or organization for this.

What is a Mascot patch?

Almost every school has a unique mascot, and the mascot patch is simply a sleeve patch of your school’s mascot. Anyone can order a Mascot patch for their sleeve.

What if my student letters in another sport or activity next year?

Once you receive the jacket, you are responsible for adding any additional patches and/or Inserts on your jacket that you have earned. We can add an extra Insert on your Award Letter for $7/each.

Can I get a different color jacket than the school provides?

No, unfortunately, we can only order the style of jacket that the school provides as far as Jacket body color, jacket sleeve color, knit color, Award Letter, etc… The only customization that can be done on your jacket is: Patch Colors, Collar Type (Sailor Collar for females), and Leather or Wool sleeves.