Jackets 101

If you who are unsure about the terms we use, our Letter Jacket 101 page shows pictures that should help.

Award Letter – Each school has a specific Award Letter for each jacket.  You can not change or alter the Award Letter in any way.  All jackets will come with an Award Letter.

Award Letter on Jacket

Insert – This is what you “Letter” in.  It is either a symbol or word.  The school tells us what each student letters in and every jacket will have an Insert.  You can “letter” in multiple activities/sports.  You do not get to choose what insert you get, the school decides that.

Insert on Letter

Insert on Letter

Byron Collar and Knit Collar – Most jackets come with a Byron Collar. The school decides what style collar you get and you do not get to change this (unless you order a Sailor Collar).


Sailor Collar – This is an optional collar that any student can get.  It is an extra $20. If ordering a Sailor Collar, you must notify the sales rep at the time of the fitting. Sailor collars can not be added after the jacket has been ordered.

Sailor Collar

Byron Collar

Knit Collar

Embroidered Name-Front

Embroidered name on front – This goes on the front right chest opposite the Award Letter.

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